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“Garbage fire” isn’t that far off from how some critics actually described Bright, Netflix’s new film starring Will Smith and Joel Edgerton. But now the movie has an actual garbage fire to go with it, courtesy of the streaming platform’s new yule log video.

Fireplace For Your Home: The Bright Edition” takes those calming fireplace videos typically played during the holidays and puts a Bright spin to it.

When a car comes screeching around the corner, a hooded figure gets spooked and drops the magic wand from the film in a trash can, sparking a colorful blaze. As the hourlong video goes on, the flame changes colors, a helicopter police spotlight beams down, and a faerie zooms around the scene.

Credit: Netflix

Bright, directed by David Ayer, features a story about a war for this magical wand and the two LAPD cops (Smith and Edgerton) caught in the middle of it.

While one critic called the film “the best Netflix original movie to date,” the vast majority dubbed it “plenty embarrassing,” “another genre disaster,” “astoundingly bad in virtually every way,” and “the single worst movie of 2017.” Ayer, however, has been a good sport about it.

Bright and the Bright yule log are both now available to watch on Netflix.


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