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Opening in theaters this Friday is a movie called Father Figures, starring Owen Wilson and Ed Helms. The comedy was originally slated to come out in November of 2016, with the title Bastards.

Ahead of the movie’s release — at long last — EW chatted with Wilson about the film, the title change, and a strange Star Wars clip you might have seen.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: This movie initially had a title I really liked: Bastards. What happened?
People liked that title. I did. The way it was explained to me was that some newspapers and theater chains were going to have a problem with it. It seems a little outdated, this fear of a word like that, but who knows?

It’s on Game of Thrones literally every week.
Yeah! I know!

In the movie, you and Ed Helms play twin brothers on a road trip to find your dad. Did you know each other before this?
I met him one time at Steve Martin’s house. I guess those guys are sort of friendly because they’re interested in bluegrass. So we had dinner one night at Steve’s house. I met him but didn’t really get to know him until the movie began.

And then you’re stuck in the car with him for the length of the shoot.
With Ed, I felt that was my biggest memory of the movie, just sitting in the car with him and laughing at stuff. I remember that stuff more than the actual scenes.

Have you seen that viral video that replaces the lightsaber sound effects in Star Wars with you saying “Wow”?
Yeah. In fact, Woody Harrelson sent it to me. He’s in [next year’s Han Solo movie] so I guess he’s got his finger on the pulse of all things Star Wars.

How do you react to seeing something like that?
You just kind of laugh, I guess. Sometimes people will come up and imitate me to me, and I just kind of have to sit there with a forced smile and say, “That’s good! That’s very good!”

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