White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders was essentially asked by a journalist if President Trump thinks aliens exist. If that wasn’t an odd enough moment for a White House press conference on Tuesday, Sanders got weirded out when the reporter’s Siri function started malfunctioning as soon as the topic of UFOs came up.

“I actually want to ask about UFOs,” The Hill‘s Jordan Fabian said before his phone went off.

“I don’t know if that’s a coincidence or not,” Sanders joked. “I feel like I already want to pass on this question given that you’ve aliens sitting among you.”

Fabian brought up reports from The New York Times and other media outlets about the Defense Department’s Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program, which investigated reports of unidentified flying objects. “Does the president believe in the existence of UFOs and would he be interested in restoring funding to that program?” Fabian asked.

“Somehow that question hasn’t come up in our back and forth over the last couple of days,” Sanders responded, “but I will check into that and be happy to circle back.”

Watch the moment above.