Ocean’s 8, assemble.

The first trailer for the upcoming heist movie has dropped, introducing us to Debbie Ocean and her gang of thieves. Sandra Bullock stars as Danny Ocean’s formerly incarcerated sister Debbie, who gathers a team of highly-skilled women — including Mindy Kaling, Rihanna, Helena Bonham Carter, Cate Blanchett, Anne Hathaway, Sarah Paulson, and Awkwafina — for a jewelry heist. Their target? The annual Met Gala in New York City.

Gary Ross (The Hunger Games) is directing Ocean’s 8 from a script he cowrote with Olivia Milch. (Original Ocean’s trilogy director Steven Soderbergh is on board as a producer.)

The new footage shows Ocean getting out of jail and recruiting the seven other women to run the Met Gala job with her.

“Why do you need to do this?” Blanchett’s Lou asks Debbie.

“Because it’s what I’m good at,” she responds.

“It’s really fun,” Bullock told EW previously. “Imagine all eight of us crammed into a makeup trailer in the morning. You think that it would be disastrous, but it was heaven, all of us just sharing information, all of us doing three jobs with families, our other jobs, the juggling. And then we get to shoot this movie together.”

Ocean’s 8 will hit theaters June 8, 2018.

Ocean's 8
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