The so-bad-it's-good movie that inspired James Franco's 'The Disaster Artist' is coming to a theater near you

Fourteen years after Tommy Wiseau first introduced us to Johnny, Lisa, Mark, and Denny, The Room is coming to theaters nationwide.

The so-called “Citizen Kane of bad movies” will screen in more than 500 theaters around the country on Jan. 10. The film — which Wiseau wrote, directed, and stars in — was first released in 2003, and since then, it’s become a regular at small midnight screenings, earning a delightfully passionate fanbase who know every word to every bizarre line.

The Room has gained even more notoriety over the last year, thanks to the release of James Franco’s The Disaster Artist, which chronicles the making of the film. (Franco directed and stars as Wiseau, with his real-life brother Dave Franco playing Wiseau’s best friend and costar Greg Sestero.) Since making its premiere earlier this year at South by Southwest, The Disaster Artist has earned critical raves and positioned itself as a major awards contender, picking up two Golden Globe nominations.

After The Hollywood Reporter broke the news of The Room’s rerelease, Wiseau reacted on Twitter, writing, “14 1/2 years! Never give up!”

See the full list of screenings and purchase tickets via Fathom Events. Spoons not included.

The Disaster Artist
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