Woody Woodpecker

On Thursday, the rowdy redheaded bird broke into the live-action world with the first trailer for Woody Woodpecker, which is getting a home release from Universal Home Entertainment. One day later, that signature cartoony cackle goes from every annoyed parent’s worst nightmare to straight-up everyone’s worst nightmare.

ScreenCrush transmogrified the kid-friendly character into a psychotic flying demon through a horror movie recut of the trailer. The CG bird zooms around his woodland domain with wild eyes as he electrocutes his victims, drops fecal matter on their heads, surprise attacks them in bed, and generally laughs at their suffering.

Of course, the actual movie isn’t as spooky as the sinister music of the video makes it sound.

With a live-action cast that includes Timothy Omundson, Thaila Ayala, and Eric Bauza, Woody Woodpecker sees the titular bird locked in a turf war when a hot-shot lawyer from the city comes to tear down his forest to build houses. Now it’s “game on” as the CG Woody terrorizes the developers and leaves all kinds of chaos in his wake.

Alex Zamm, the filmmaker behind that A Christmas Prince movie Netflix has been trolling 53 people about on Twitter, directed Woody Woodpecker off a screenplay he cooked up with William Robertson (Jingle All the Way 2).

Watch the original trailer (via JoBlo) below.

Woody Woodpecker will get a DVD, Blu-ray, and VOD release on Feb. 6.

Woody Woodpecker
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