Paul Thomas Anderson’s Phantom Thread has been making headlines for being Daniel Day-Lewis’s last film before his planned retirement from acting. But the ’50s-set drama is more than just an acting showcase for Day-Lewis: It’s a taut, twisty two-hander about renowned fashion designer Reynolds Woodcock (Day-Lewis) and the woman he falls in love with, Alma (Vicky Krieps).

This exclusive clip from the film showcases one of Reynolds’ and Alma’s earliest meetings — as he realizes that she might be threatening his status as a self-proclaimed, “confirmed bachelor.”

Anderson spoke to EW earlier this year about teaming up with Day-Lewis for the first time since 2007’s There Will Be Blood — and what fascinated him about the world of 1950s fashion.

“I generally didn’t have that much knowledge or interest in the fashion world until I started finding out a little bit about a guy named Cristóbal Balenciaga,” Anderson said. “He led very monastic life, completely consumed with his work — sometimes at the expense of other things in his life. Our characters become something very different. Our story focuses on if you have a character like that, what would it take to disrupt his life. Usually, it’s love that does that.”

Phantom Thread will hit theaters Dec. 25.

Phantom Thread
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