'He didn't have to be nice. I was just some scrub who'd gotten his film wrong,' the actor shares about a 2012 encounter with the director

The Last Jedi

Kumail Nanjiani has yet another reason why you should go see The Last Jedi this weekend — and it’s not because he, too, is obsessed with porgs.

The Silicon Valley actor shared his support for the film and its director Rian Johnson on Twitter Tuesday afternoon, recounting a story from 2012 when Nanjiani was working the red carpet at San Diego Comic-Con. Johnson was a bright light to Nanjiani during what the comedian describes as a “very tough” job.

“I was running from red carpet to red carpet, interviewing people who were sometimes rude, sometimes fine, always disinterested,” he writes. “1 person, who shall go unnamed, was so rude to me & made me feel so stupid that I got a talking to from my producer (I totally get the prod being upset btw.) I wasn’t able to get anything usable cuz he just mocked me, dismissed me, walked away. I bet he doesn’t remember. I do.”

Immediately following, Nanjiani and his team moved to the Looper/Total Recall carpet. There, he remembers, he was excited to interview Johnson as a fan of his work, but still flustered from the previous encounter, Nanjiani mistakenly asked Johnson about Total Recall.“Instead of being upset, he started laughing,” Nanjiani remembers of Johnson’s reaction. “Not in an ‘at me’ way. In a ‘with me’ way. He saw how upset I was, put his hand on my shoulder, laughing. He truly went out of his way to make me feel ok, to make me not feel like a loser. He didn’t have to. He could have just been cold after that, not made such an attempt to lift me up. I would have understood. He doesn’t know me from Adam. But he helped someone in crises just cuz.”

Kumail Nanjiani and Rian Johnson
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Nanjiani explains that he ran into Johnson again years later at a friend’s party and told the director he had been the one to mistakenly question him about Total Recall at Comic-Con. “I told him how much his kindness meant to me,” Nanjiani writes. “He said it was no big deal. But it was a big deal to me. You can tell a lot about someone by how they are to ppl they don’t have to be nice to. He didn’t have to be nice. I was just some scrub who’d gotten his film wrong. But he was.”

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The Last Jedi
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