Matthew Firpo and Ryan Firpo’s post-World War II thriller Ruin, about an ex-Nazi captain trying to atone for his sins by hunting down members of his former SS death squad, has topped the 2017 Black List of “most-liked” unproduced screenplays circulating in Hollywood.

Created by film executive Franklin Leonard, the annual list surveys a pool of industry professionals and asks them to compile their favorite scripts from the past year that have not yet been made into feature films. Past Black List scripts that went on to critical and commercial success include Slumdog Millionaire, The King’s Speech, Argo, and Spotlight.

Ruin received 68 mentions, the most of any film this year. It was followed by Mario Correa’s Let Her Speak, which garnered 42 mentions and centers on Texas State Senator Wendy Davis’ marathon filibuster to help block passage of an anti-abortion bill in 2013.

Christy Hall’s Daddio, about a passenger and her cab driver reminiscing about their relationships on a ride home from the airport, received 40 mentions, good for third place. All three of the top projects have been linked to high-profile actresses in recent weeks: Gal Gadot for Ruin, Sandra Bullock for Let Her Speak, and Daisy Ridley for Daddio.