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What world do you want to live in?

In Steven Spielberg’s Ready Player One, the answer for most people is: Not the real one.

Life is miserable. Poverty is rampant. The only escape is a virtual-reality simulation called the OASIS that is steeped in pop-culture from the 1980s.

Even the new trailer just hints at the toy box full of familiar characters and vehicles in this movie, out in March 2018.

“There are so many more compelling reasons to escape into the OASIS than exist in real life,” Spielberg tells EW about his dystopian adventure, which is based on the 2011 novel by Ernest Cline.

“A lot of our movie is a comparative study,” the director adds. “Which world would they rather spend their lives in — with all the distractions and complexities and perks of the digital world of the OASIS, or with the responsibilities of being a student or a parent living in real life? It’s real life versus virtual life. Which is more compelling?”

But those worlds are both at risk when the creator of the OASIS dies and leaves behind a puzzle that will decide ownership of these technological wonders.

Where they’re going, to steal a line from one iconic ’80s movie being referenced, they don’t need roads.

There’s more to come, as EW will dive into the trailer to decode some of its references and secrets.

Ready Player One

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