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As a 13-year-old in Hawaii, Dwayne Johnson saved all his quarters for one thing: a Rampage arcade game in the back of a pool hall.

“I had no business in this pool hall, by the way,” he says with a laugh. “I would hang out there during school hours and then really late at night, and I’d not only be playing pool but also playing Rampage.

Three decades later, Johnson is bringing that game to the big screen. Reteaming with his San Andreas director Brad Peyton, Johnson stars as primatologist Davis Okoye, whose closest friend — a silverback gorilla named George — is genetically transformed into an aggressive, building-size behemoth. Davis has to try to save his buddy while also stopping a similarly gargantuan wolf and crocodile from destroying the city of Chicago.

It’s a smash-’em-up monster movie in the vein of King Kong or Godzilla, but the film’s core is the bond between Davis and George — a friendship Johnson can identify with.

“We’re a French-bulldog family, and I would pay a lot of money to see my dog Hobbs become gigantic and go destroy s—,” he jokes. Sequel, anyone?

Rampage will hit theaters April 20. Naomie Harris, Joe Manganiello, and Jeffrey Dean Morgan also star.

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