The 2-day event will benefit Yorkshire Terrier rescue organization
2017 Los Angeles Film Festival - "The Movie Crypt" Podcast
Credit: Emma McIntyre/Getty Images

How tired are filmmakers Adam Green (the Hatchet franchise) and Joe Lynch (Mayhem) going to be by Sunday evening? Very very very tired. This weekend the pair are hosting The Movie Crypt’s 2nd Annual “Save the Yorkies” 48-Hour Live Marathon, a two-day, guest-filled version of their Movie Crypt podcast, for which Green and Lynch intend to stay awake throughout. “It’s funny, the guests are like, ‘Isn’t the point of having us come and perform so you can have a break?'” says Green.

The line-up of last year’s inaugural event included appearances by Avatar actor Joel David Moore and Jonah Ray from Mystery Science Theater 3000 as well as a reading of an early version of the script for The Goonies. What can listeners expect this time around?

“Doug Benson is going to be opening the marathon, which is exciting because he’s never done the show before,” says Green. “We have Luke Greenfield, the director of The Girl Next Door, doing a commentary for that. P-Nut, the bass-player for 311, is going to play some music. Ashley Laurence from Hellraiser is going to be coming by — she’s never done the show before. We have a script reading of a movie called The Big Black, which was written by Adam Gierasch and Jace Anderson (the writers of Tobe Hooper’s The Toolbox Murders). It’s never been produced and so they put together a cast to come and read that. Derek Mears and his improv group The Resistance are going to be improvising a radio movie. Oh, and Bryan Fuller, showrunner from Hannibal, is coming by. And that’s just some of it. I believe there are 38 guests this year. It’s non-stop.”

The marathon will benefit the Yorkshire Terrier charity Save A Yorkie Rescue, for which Green and Lynch raised $14,000 in the course of last year’s event.

“What’s great about Save a Yorkie Rescue is they foster these animals,” says Green. “So, whenever they get called, because somebody is looking to give up their dog, or just dumps them on the side of a road, Save a Yorkie Rescue picks them up, and they get it the veterinary care that it needs, and then they spend weeks if not months trying to find the perfect ‘forever home’ for the animal.”

Green himself owns a Yorkshire Terrier named Arwen, who is the — often vocal — mascot of The Movie Crypt. Unlike the human hosts, Arwen will be allowed sleep breaks over the weekend, but Green insists the pooch is still excited about the event.

“She’s very, very excited,” says Green. “It’s going to be an endless parade of people coming by, and she loves people, so this is like her Christmas. And this year we have Arwen’s Silent Auction, which is something new, where lots of artists have donated all kinds of stuff — movie memorabilia, autographs — that people can bid on, and all that money goes to Save a Yorkie Rescue.”

The Movie Crypt Marathon begins today at 5 p.m. PT and is being live-streamed at the website of Green’s production company ArieScope.