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Guillermo del Toro’s latest film, The Shape of Water, is yet another dark and fascinating story that’s being praised for its acting and beautiful story. The cast of the film — Doug Jones, Michael Shannon, and Richard Jenkins — and del Toro appeared on Entertainment Weekly: The Show to talk about pitching the monstrous love story of a “river god” and a mute janitor to Hollywood.

“This did not sound preposterous to me in the least, knowing that it was Guillermo at the helm of this movie,” said Jones. “When he told me the plot, I could see this being a gorgeous piece of work.”

Del Toro, the film’s writer and director, spent six years developing the film and touched on why the movie feels as relevant today as it did when he first started working on the project.

“The movie is about listening and looking and about love because that’s what is really urgent that we say: Do not fear the other, do not believe the ideologies they’re feeding you,” said del Toro. “Do not reduce a person to one word, see the other person, listen. Because the antidote to hatred is understanding.”

The Shape of Water is now playing in theaters. Watch the video above.

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