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Perhaps no movie in recent memory has inspired the myriad of internet theories that Get Out has. Was this all in Rod’s (Lil Rel Howery) head? Was Rose’s (Allison Williams) separation of milk and Fruit Loops a conscious decision to keep the whites and colors apart? Luckily, fans don’t need to wonder any longer, as Jordan Peele is confirming and debunking the craziest and most popular questions.

In a video for Vanity Fair, the director broke down a few of Reddit’s “conspiracy ideas” about his hit film. While Peele thinks some people may have done too many “blunt hits,” he did have a lot to say about one person’s theory that Catherine Keener’s presence in both Get Out and Being John Malkovich means the films are in the same universe.

“Um, wow,” reacts Peele. “I love this theory, I have heard this theory. It was definitely not lost on me that I was able to get Catherine Keener in her second like weird perspective, living in someone else’s brain movie. We joked about that and I’m a huge fan of the movie Being John Malkovich. I also sat down with [Malkovich director] Spike Jonze a couple months ago, told him this theory myself and he chuckled. So as far as I’m concerned, it’s true.”

Watch the video above to find out what else is true and false about Get Out.

Get Out
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