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Edgar Wright, the man behind the best car-racing heist film choreographed to music, has shared his picks for the tracks that fueled him in 2017.

“As promised, here’s the music that’s been making my year,” the Baby Driver director tweeted on Friday in sharing his 50-song playlist on Spotify.

Starting off with LCD Soundsystem’s “Call the Police” and The Horrors’ “Something to Remember Me By,” the compilation also includes picks from Arcade Fire, St. Vincent, Drake, Frank Ocean, Kendrick Lamar, Lana Del Rey and A$AP Rocky, and Father John Misty.

Not only is music food for Wright’s soul, but the filmmaker also listened to various tracks while writing scenes for Baby Driver. Ansel Elgort, Lily James, Jon Hamm, Jamie Foxx, and Kevin Spacey starred in the film, who timed their movement to the beat of the soundtrack.

“I’d say when I started writing, about 10 years ago, I had eight of the songs kind of nailed down in terms of set pieces,” he told EW. “Queen. Jon Spencer Blues Explosion. The Damned. I had a bunch of these musical set pieces worked out, and then, in the writing of the first draft, and very much like Baby himself, I wouldn’t write a scene unless I had the right piece of music.”

Wright, a fan of online listicals, also compiled his top 100 horror movies of all time and his top 1,000 films of all time — in no particular order. If you’re looking for recommendations, he’s got ’em.

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