One of the best gifts the internet ever gave us was a clip of Armie Hammer dancing in Call Me By Your Name. (It even works if you replace the music with Taylor Swift!) James Corden tried to recreate that magic with the actor on The Late Late Show Wednesday night, but the results were less “24K Magic” and more awkward as hell.

“When you’re filming a dance scene, what they don’t tell you is there’s no music. None,” Hammer explained of his big moment in the film. “Like, you get this [snaps his fingers] for like three seconds, and then they cut the click track.”

To make things worse, “I don’t really have a go-to sober dance move,” he added. “So this was all things I had to learn on the fly.” The end result was “a lot of flailing, a lot of jumping.”

Corden wanted to see proof, so both Hammer and the late-night host took center stage to recreate the moment with their own makeshift click track. “Now imagine you’ve got a focus-puller who’s watching you go, and it’s 4 in the morning and we’ve been doing this since 8 p.m. [and he says] ‘Can you f–king finish your dance moves?'” Hammer said.

You can watch the fruits of Hammer’s labor in Call Me By Your Name, now playing in select theaters.

Call Me by Your Name
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