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Director Joe Wright recently stopped by Entertainment Weekly: The Show to chat about his upcoming historical drama Darkest Hour starring Gary Oldman. And dramatic it is.

“Really, it’s a pivotal moment of British and European — and perhaps world — history. Hitler is coming across Europe and seems to be unstoppable,” explains Wright about the importance of the film. “Winston is faced with the choice of whether to negotiate or stand firm. And, lucky for us, he chose to stand firm.”

And though Churchill is widely heralded for his leadership during World War II, the film doesn’t always paint the former prime minister in the most flattering light.

“He also lies to the people at one point in the movie, which I find to be an interesting challenge,” Wright says while discussing humanizing the historical figure. “Whether you lie to the people and make them feel safe, or whether you present the real, stark truth to them.”

You can watch the full clip above to see what Wright has to say about the performance of Oldman, widely recognized as a best actor frontrunner, and catch Darkest Hour when it hits theaters Wednesday, Nov. 22.

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