UPDATED: So … tah-dah?

After a protracted drumroll due to claimed reasons aren’t really worth rehashing (and might not even be on the level), Rotten Tomatoes finally coughed up its aggregation score for Justice League and it’s … pretty much what you likely expected.

The Warner Bros. title has a 40 percent approval from critics. That’s definitely a splat, yet much better than some previous DC Comics titles which we’ll talk about in a moment.

Rotten Tomatoes finally revealed the score on its website Thursday afternoon, following a lengthy delay. Previously, fans would have had to watch the site’s Facebook show to find out the aggregate score, which was initially pegged at 43 percent before Thursday’s official revelation on the Rotten Tomatoes website. Despite arriving for public consumption via the show, the Rotten Tomatoes page for Justice League read “no score yet” into Thursday morning on the East Coast.

Note here: Warner Bros., which is distributing Justice League, owns part of Rotten Tomatoes. Which may or may not have something to do with something.

Even if this isn’t some kind of corporate supervillain conspiracy, withholding the score worked from one standpoint: Rotten Tomatoes has received tons of attention from this stunt — hey look, we’re falling for it right now! — which could be part of a mad genius plan to simply boost the site’s already strong traffic. Meanwhile, the folks over at rival critic aggregation site Metacritic are jumping up and down to get people to check our their score for the film (which has slipped a bit from Wednesday, down to 49 as more reviews were added).

So how does that 40 percent stand up? Way better than Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, which received a 27 percent rating last year — and famously led Brett Ratner, who helped finance the film, to declare that Rotten Tomatoes represented “the destruction of our business.” The studio’s Suicide Squad, which also featured Ben Affleck’s Batman and Ezra Miller’s The Flash in cameo appearances, fared even worse, with a 26 percent rating. (Both films grossed still north of $745 million worldwide, so WB can wipe their tears reading reviews with wads of cash.) Yet Justice League is way under the Wonder Woman score, as that blockbuster landed a 92 percent rating.

We compiled the best quips from all the major reviews yesterday anyway, so if you want to read those they’re pretty entertaining.