Adam Green and Joe Lynch are doing it for the dogs

By Clark Collis
November 14, 2017 at 01:04 PM EST
Emma McIntyre/Getty Images

Directors Adam Green (Hatchet) and Joe Lynch (Everly) love depicting scenes of brutality and violence, as is bloodily demonstrated by their respective new films, slasher reboot Victor Crowley and the just-released Steven Yeun-starring Mayhem. But they also love hanging out with Green’s Yorkshire Terrier Arwen, the cute-as-a-button third host of the pair’s weekly film podcast, The Move Crypt (see above). Now, these two softies-at-heart have announced that the Movie Crypt’s 2nd annual 48-hour live marathon to benefit Save a Yorkie Rescue will take place Dec. 8-Dec. 10. Save a Yorkie Rescue provides foster care, food, shelter, and medical procedures for abandoned and/or abused Yorkshire Terriers. Last year’s inaugural Movie Crypt marathon raised $14,000 for the organization.

There are no confirmed details about this year’s 48-hour marathon, beyond the fact that Green and Lynch will be very very tired at the end of it (Arwen, unlike her cohosts, gets to take sleep breaks). But the 2016 marathon featured a live reading of an early version of The Goonies script, commentaries for The Devil’s Rejects and Candyman, and a small army of guests, including Avatar actor Joel David Moore and Jonah Ray from Mystery Science Theater 3000. Further information will be released at the official ArieScope website.

Watch the trailers for Mayhem and Victor Crowley above.