Oprah is a camel

By Marc Snetiker
November 14, 2017 at 10:56 AM EST
Bennett Raglin/WireImage; Sony Pictures Animation

The most interesting thing about the upcoming Christmas movie The Star is not the creative interpretation that a donkey saved modern Christianity, or that a retelling of the Nativity Story includes a hot pop ballad by Fifth Harmony, but that Oprah Winfrey voices a camel named Deborah. That, in and of itself, is just the tip of a fun series of sentences that you can bray this weekend to your friends when you find yourself explaining how a questionably-budgeted biblical cartoon somehow landed the unreasonably strongest voice ensemble cast of the year.

Technically, the star power of The Star is really just the mark of good agents and Hollywood intuition: Any actor would kill to score the residuals from a holiday staple, as one cast member in particular (Mariah Carey, who voices a *** named *******) must know all too well. But the real Christmas miracle is whether you can successfully guess which A- to C-lister was convinced to lend their voice to which Old Testamenty-sounding camel or camel-adjacent desert/farm animal in the film. The list of characters is, truly, a gift.