The actress says she was unintentionally targeted on the set of 'Ocean's Twelve'

Julia Roberts had plenty of fun on the set of Ocean’s Eleven. But when it came time to film the sequel, the Oscar-winning actress was pregnant — and, before long, the inadvertent victim of a George Clooney prank.

The actress explained recently to PEOPLE and EW Editorial Director Jess Cagle that while she was initially treated by the film’s cast like she was “made of porcelain,” that didn’t appear to be the case when production relocated to Rome, Italy. “When I got to the hotel in Rome, I opened my suitcase and there was this giant, heavy bronze statue in my suitcase — I almost burst into tears, [like] ‘How could they do this to me?’” she recalled. “Because this was a gag, to put something very heavy in someone’s suitcase.”

So what happened? Unfortunately, according to Roberts, she had unintentionally been stuck in the middle of a prank war between Clooney and Brad Pitt — a fact she discovered a little too late. “I’d already retaliated before finding out the truth,” she quipped. As for what she did for retaliation, exactly, the actress can only remember a few teases: “I think it some involved itching powder and Neosporin.”

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