This is the movie and this is the life of Tommy Wiseau, by way of James Franco. The latest trailer for The Disaster Artist — based on the true story of the greatest bad movie of all time, The Room — mixes together the seriousness of dramatic musical accompaniment with the comic absurdity of Franco’s performance.

The Disaster Artist tells Wiseau’s tale, of how he came to Los Angeles to become famous and ended up making “the Citizen Kane of bad movies,” as it’s been called. The Room, however, went on to become a cult classic and Franco, who also directs The Disaster Artist, further immortalizes Wiseau’s efforts in this new feature

The trailer begins with Wiseau in an acting class, where he meets Greg Sestero (Dave Franco), his future costar. The footage then tracks the rejection he faced from Hollywood and his struggles to get his “$5 million” project off the ground. It’s all in good fun. The real Wiseau approves of the project “99.9 percent.”

Seth Rogen, Megan Mullally, Alison Brie, Zoey Deutch, Kristen Bell, and Lizzy Caplan also star in the film.

A24 Films, which will distribute The Disaster Artist first in limited release on Dec. 1 and then nationwide on Dec. 8, is also sponsoring free screenings of The Room on Nov. 9 so that everyone can experience the greatness of its ridiculousness.

Watch the new trailer above.

The Disaster Artist
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