Margot Robbie stars as the disgraced figure skater
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Before icing her position as a rising star in the sports world, former Olympic figure skater Tonya Harding lived a tumultuous life that ultimately hardened her worldview (as well as her competitive edge), and the new trailer for the upcoming biopic adapted from her personal journey aptly teases its subject’s ride to infamy.

Directed by Craig Gillespie, I, Tonya follows Harding (Margot Robbie) during her formative years through the scandal that rocked her career, when she and ex-husband Jeff Gilooly (Sebastian Stan) became embroiled in a violent plot to nix Nancy Kerrigan’s 1994 Winter Olympics bid with a telescopic baton to the knee.

In addition to her life in the spotlight, Harding’s tumultuous upbringing is also explored in I, Tonya, with Allison Janney playing her grizzled, booze-guzzling curmudgeon of a mother, LaVonda Golden.

After world-premiering at the Toronto International Film Festival in September, I, Tonya quickly garnered rave reviews from critics and significant Oscar buzz from awards pundits, namely for the performances of Robbie and Janney. The film caught on with moviegoers as well, bagging the runner-up slot in the race for the festival’s prestigious People’s Choice Award.

I, Tonya enters limited release on Dec. 8, with nationwide expansion to follow at the top of 2018. Watch the film’s first full trailer above.

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