Richard Linklater's Iraq war road movie opens Nov. 3

By Joey Nolfi
October 30, 2017 at 09:00 AM EDT
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Richard Linklater’s moving war drama Last Flag Flying pulses with dark charm thanks to a poignant screenplay about loss and recovery in the wake of conflict, but the heart of the film is arguably its stellar cast, including Steve Carell, Bryan Cranston, Laurence Fishburne, acting legend Cicely Tyson, and rising star J. Quinton Johnson.

In an exclusive clip from the movie, Johnson holds his own alongside three veteran actors, playing an active-duty soldier, Washington, tasked with accompanying a trio of former Marines (Cranston, Fishburne, and Carell) as they move across the country to bury the fallen son of one of their own, who was killed in action during the Iraq war.

“Mr. Shepherd, Larry was where he wanted to be,” Washington tells the fallen soldier’s father (Carell) in an effort to comfort him as they transport the coffin via train. “He hated it, we all hate it, but you get sent over there and it stops being about what you want — or the war, even.”

The thing that made Larry different from the rest of his unit, Washington says, is that he had a happy childhood: “He had a mother and father that loved him, loved each other, a nice house to live in, good food to eat. He went on about school and football and nice friends. And he loved you.”

Seemingly heartened, Shepherd falls back into his seat and stares out the window.

Last Flag Flying, which premiered in October at the New York Film Festival, arrives in theaters. Nov. 3. Watch the exclusive clip above.

Last Flag Flying

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