The actor used the viral photo to highlight anti-bullying organizations

Dear internet: Will Poulter has heard your pleas, and last night he delivered. The actor and anti-bullying advocate cheekily dressed up as the ruthless toy-torturer Sid from Pixar’s Toy Story, taking the very strong comparisons in stride and using the resemblance for good.

“In addition to having a laugh at my expense I wanted to try and raise some attention for a cause I am an ambassador for! @antibullying pro,” Poulter (Detroit, We’re the Millers) tweeted Saturday. “As this month is Bullying Prevention Month in the USA and Antibullying Week in the U.K. is just around the corner, I would really appreciate it if you could please give them a follow before you like or share and help support the cause to make school a safer and happier place for young people.”

Part of the charity the Diana Award, Anti-Bullying Pro is a U.K. program that was founded in 2011 to train young people to become anti-bullying ambassadors in schools. The students help educate their peers on bullying and promote an anti-bullying culture that celebrates tolerance and differences to keep their peers safe online and off.

Check out Poulter’s costume above.

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