Mudbound, the new film from Dee Rees (Pariah) that’s already garnered a fair share of buzz, got a dynamite new trailer, courtesy of Netflix. The story of two struggling families working the same land on the Mississippi Delta during WWII-era South is powered by performances by Garret Hedlund (Pan), Mary J. Blige, Jason Mitchell (Kong: Skull Island), and Carey Mulligan (Far From the Maddening Crowd), all of whom share the spotlight in this latest preview for the Oscars hopeful.

One of the families is the McAllan clan, led by Henry (Jason Clarke), a man deluded by his failing farming venture. Meanwhile, the Jacksons (Blige and Rob Morgan) have always struggled to work the land in the hopes of forging some semblance of their dream home. When their loved ones return home from war, the families are pulled closer together by the friendship that forms between Jamie (Hedlund) and Ronsel (Mitchell), who fought for their country only to come home and find it “hasn’t changed a bit.”

“I cried. I cried a whole lot when I finished it,” Blige told EW of reading the script. “It reminded me of the times we’re living in now and how everyone has to realize that we are closer [to each other] than we think. Only love can change the hatred in the world, and at the end of the day, we’re all realizing that love has no color and no race.”

Mudbound will drop on Netflix and select theaters this Nov. 17. Watch the new trailer.