We all photo bomb down here

By Christian Holub
October 24, 2017 at 01:31 PM EDT
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One of the very best genres of tweet is the kind where someone hides something in plain sight for their family and waits for them to spot the surprise — such as when Gilmore Guys co-host Demi Adejuyigbe hid 57 DVDs of Click at his parent’s house. Now there’s a new standard: On Sunday, BuzzFeed writer Jesse McLaren tweeted out photos he had taken of his sister and her fiancé for their engagement shoot. The photos mostly look like typical lovely photos, but with a pretty big twist: McLaren hid Pennywise the Clown in the background of every single one.

“My sister asked me to shoot her engagement pics so I hid Pennywise the Clown in every photo. Countdown until she notices,” McLaren tweeted, alongside a selection of four different photos with increasingly hilarious Pennywise photos. Some have the clown just barely peeking out in the far background, while the last has him peering up behind the couple, one step away from telling them that we all float down here.

It didn’t take McLaren’s sister long to spot the clown, however. A day later he posted an update on Instagram, noting that she had noticed the prank almost immediately. In a screenshotted text, she wrote “I really help you get the help you need. On the other … I totally want to use these.”

Thanks to the monster success of this year’s It film, Pennywise is once again firmly entrenched in the pop culture zeitgeist. Expect to see even more of Pennywise this weekend, because by EW’s measure the sinister clown is one of the Halloween costumes you can’t avoid this year.

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