The 'Walking Dead' alum is ready to rumble in Joe Lynch's horror-thriller

By Clark Collis
October 23, 2017 at 01:00 PM EDT

One of the undoubted highlights of the recent Brooklyn Horror Film Festival was director Joe Lynch’s appropriately-titled horror-thriller Mayhem (out Nov. 10). Also up there entertainment-wise was Lynch’s post-screening recollections of the film’s shoot in Serbia and how he came to score the Faith No More track “Motherf—er” for his film. Anyhoo, the festival’s judges clearly agreed with the quality of blood-splattered work on display, awarding Yeun the event’s Best Actor award for his performance as a recently fired, and rage virus-infected, lawyer who decides to take on his former bosses with extreme — and we mean extreme — prejudice.

Mayhem is written by Matias Caruso and costars Samara Weaving, Steven Brand, Caroline Chikezie, Kerry Fox, and Dallas Roberts. Lynch’s film is released in theaters, on VOD, and via Digital HD, Nov. 10.

Watch the film’s trailer below and an expletive-filled clip featuring Yeun, Weaving, Chikezie, and that FNM track, above.