Kim Cattrall is all for another actress stepping into Samantha Jones’ expensive shoes — and she even advocates for an unexpected inclusive twist. Make Samantha Jones a woman of color.

In a new interview with Piers Morgan, which made headlines a few weeks back for Cattrall’s comments that Sarah Jessica Parker “could have been nicer,” the actress celebrated her time with the role and made some suggestions for what Sex and the City could do with her character moving forward.

“It’s a great part. I played it past the finish line and then some, and I loved it,” she said. “Another actress should play it — maybe they could make it an African-American Samantha Jones or a Hispanic Samantha Jones.” Her recasting suggestion received uproarious applause from the studio audience.

Cattrall and her refusal to participate in a third Sex and the City film has generated a lot of conversation since the news that there would not be a third film broke at the end of September. Cattrall has told fans they should “move on” from the show, while also adding she was “never friends” with her costars, merely “colleagues.”

In early October, producer and television mogul Ryan Murphy suggested the Sex and the City team move ahead with a third film and simply recast Samantha. From the sound of her interview, it seems Cattrall would agree — and that she hopes any future installments of the New York City-set franchise would more fully reflect the diversity of its home metropolis.

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