"I'm not famous, but I did something famous," the former model and actress told 'EW: The Show'

By Ernest Macias
October 22, 2017 at 01:00 PM EDT

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It’s been nearly 60 years since one of the most iconic horror movies was created: Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho. In honor of the spookiest month of the year, Marli Renfro, best known for playing Janet Leigh’s body double, appeared on Entertainment Weekly: The Show to talk about her experience while shooting the legendary shower scene.

“Working with Mr. Hitchcock, he knew exactly what he wanted with every shot,” Renfro said.

The former model landed the gig after working with photographer Mario Casilli and being interviewed by Hitchcock. Renfro recalls having to disrobe for Leigh; she goes on to say that the only reason she got hired for the job is because their bodies “were very similar.”

But Renfro’s career didn’t stop there. Soon after her role in Psycho, she graced the cover of Playboy’s 1960 September issue. She said that people still come up to her and share stories about watching the horror movie.

“Some wouldn’t take a shower for months, or even years afterwards. Some to this day still lock the door,” Renfro said.

The model and actress hasn’t escaped Psycho: She made a cameo in the new film 78/52, a documentary about the shower scene and its long-lasting effect on pop culture.

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Psycho (Movie - 1960)

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