By Josh Glicksman
October 20, 2017 at 12:50 PM EDT

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Even though it has been 35 years since the release of The Thing, there are still crucial details of the plot that have never been revealed. Based on the above clip with star Keith David, it appears that the cast still has questions, too.

“Countless conversations have been started about how much smoke you see coming out of [Kurt Russell’s] mouth and how none is coming out of mine,” he told Entertainment Weekly: The Show. “I’ve always thought, ‘Well, it’s probably because I’m closer to the fire than he is.’ Or, the way the wind is shifting, wherever I am in relationship to the fire, there’s more of that heat wave coming my way than his. When I watched it again, I wouldn’t doubt — I’ve never asked, I haven’t seen John [Carpenter], but the next time I see John I want to ask him, ‘How much of that was put in post?’ Everything [Kurt] says, you see some smoke. Of course, now I see it. Conspicuously, there’s none coming out of mine.”

Despite the suspicious detail, David isn’t quite convinced that it was him. Instead, David suggests that the initial plan was to build off the original film for a sequel. Of course, that never ended up occurring.

“I still don’t think it was me, necessarily. The ambiguity at the end seemed to me like it set it up for a sequel. A rescue mission comes right in the nick of time to get us and evacuate us out of there. I think the idea was at that time it seemed like The Thing would go dormant. We would get back and it was either Mack or Childes who would be functioning well in society until that moment,” he says.

You can watch the full clip above to hear David’s full comments and theories.