'Look at me, it's Timmy T, bout to hit 'em with a Z T-E-S-T.'

It’s ya boy. Lil’ Timmy Tim and he’s here to do a rap about how much he loves his statistics teacher Ms. Lawton.

In the second best thing to come out of Call Me By Your Name so far, blogger ‘my new plaid pants‘ uncovered a video from actor Timothée Chalamet when he was but a wee high school student at LaGuardia in New York.

“What up, statistics class?” Chalamet begins the rap, wearing a sideways baseball cap. “I’m coming through live from G-25.”

Within moments, his mastery over statistics becomes apparent, with the MC dropping allusions to mathematical terms like they’re bills in the club. “Look at me, it’s Timmy T, bout to hit ’em with a Z T-E-S-T.”

But the song doesn’t come into its own until the chorus when Chalamet treats us to the hook of the decade:

“Statistic, yup / Statistic yup yup / Statistics yup / statistics yup, yup / Ms. Lawton Ms. Lawton, Ms. Lawton, Ms. Lawton.”

I’m sure you’ll all join me in hoping that Chalamet received the extra credit he presumably put this together to score. And, if you really want more Timmy Tim, the bounty of the Internet is endless, especially when it comes to kids who went to performing arts high schools in an era where we post everything online.

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