The first trailer for Louis C.K.'s controversial new movie, I Love You, Daddy, has landed online.

The black-and-white comedy — co-written, directed and starring the Louie mastermind — focuses on a famed TV writer (C.K.), his teenage daughter (Chloe Grace Moretz), and the lecherous writer-director (John Malkovich) with a history of dating much younger women who comes between them both. The film made waves when it debuted at the Toronto International Film Festival for its not-so-subtle allusions to controversial filmmaker Woody Allen, as well as C.K.'s own commentary on sexual assault, feminism, and provocative language.

"It's just a f—ing movie," C.K. told The Hollywood Reporter after its debut. "We're depicting oxygen-rich people who live in these beautiful apartments and offices saying whatever they want.Folks say sh– to each other. You can't think about the audience when you're making the thing. If you do, you're not giving them something that came out of your gut. You'll be making something that you're like, ‘Is this OK for you?' And they say, ‘Yes, thank you.' Mark Twain said something like, ‘You can't say no one can eat steak just because the baby doesn't have teeth yet.'"

Asked in a separate interview with Uproxx about his feelings toward Allen, C.K. said he still liked the filmmaker. (C.K. appeared in Blue Jasmine for Allen, who has been accused of molesting his daughter Dylan Farrow when she was 7 years old; Allen has long denied those claims.) "I was in one movie with him. And we kept in touch a little bit. I never hung out with him except for when we were doing Blue Jasmine, but I only know Woody in terms of my interactions with him personally. And he's a mensch. He's a sweet guy. He's always been very nice to me. And again, it's a distant relationship. You know, a couple emails per year. But I do. I like Woody, yes," C.K. said.

I Love You, Daddy marks C.K's return to the director's chair 16 years after the release of 2001's Pootie Tang. The film's all-star cast also includes Pamela Adlon, Rose Byrne, Charlie Day, and Helen Hunt.

I Love You, Daddy opens in New York and Los Angeles on Nov. 17, before expanding nationwide Dec. 1.

Watch the full trailer above.