A Bad Moms Christmas

Justin Hartley may be best known for making you cry every week as Kevin Pearson on This Is Us, but come November, he’ll be getting festive in A Bad Moms Christmas.

Hartley stars in the raunchy sequel as Ty, a handsome and charming dancer who strikes up a whirlwind romance with Kathryn Hahn’s Carla. This exclusive clip finds Carla and Ty on their first date — which involves a sexy Santa dance-off.

As Carla tells her friends Amy (Mila Kunis) and Kiki (Kristen Bell), the pair met while she was working at her beauty salon. Specifically, they met while she was waxing his, um, intimate regions.

“You learn a lot about a man when you wax his sack,” she explains. “Some guys cry. Some guys act real tough. But Ty was so calm. It was almost like waxing the balls of the Dalai Lama.”

The sequel to last year’s raunchy comedy picks up around the holidays, as Kunis, Bell, and Hahn find themselves spending Christmas with their own mothers. Christine Baranski is Kunis’ perfectionist mother, Cheryl Hines is the helicopter mom who clings to Bell, and Susan Sarandon is Hahn’s free-wheeling absentee parent.

Jon Lucas and Scott Moore, who co-wrote and directed the original Bad Moms, are also returning for the sequel.

“It was really fun thinking about who their moms might have been and then it was super fun casting what I think are three of the best comedic actresses around to be in the movie,” Lucas told EW in September. “Hopefully every woman will recognize elements of their mom in all three of them.”

A Bad Moms Christmas will hit theaters Nov. 1.

A Bad Moms Christmas
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