Daisy Ridley learned a lot from Star Wars costar Carrie Fisher before the actress’ death last year, but some of the most invaluable advice Fisher gave her was related to intergalactic dating.

As the November Vogue cover star, Ridley opens up at length about her experiences making Star Wars and working with the original cast members. She said Fisher warned her dating would be difficult once The Force Awakens shot her to international stardom “because you don’t want to give people the ability to say ‘I had sex with Princess Leia.’”

In the interview, Ridley chokes back tears while discussing Fisher. “I’d never met anyone openly bipolar before, who discussed loving glitter because of her LSD days,” she recalled of her late costar.

Through the course of the interview and Vogue’s signature “73 Questions With…” video series, Ridley reveals much about how her life has changed since Star Wars and what to expect from The Last Jedi. She does a lot to prep for her role as one of the new faces of the sci-fi franchise, including a special conditioning routine she dubs “lightsaber school.” On set, to prepare for her high-energy action scenes as Rey, Ridley listens to “I’ll Make a Man Out of You” from Disney’s Mulan.

She also said Force Awakens (and upcoming Episode IX) director J.J. Abrams tried to prepare her for the impact of taking on this kind of role, telling her “Understand the scale –This is not a role in a movie. This is a religion for people. It changes things on a level that is inconceivable.” Still, nothing could have prepared her for the response she received. “You don’t know what you’re getting into,” she told Vogue.

Though she can reveal few details about The Last Jedi, she says Rey’s journey in this film will be more mental than physical as she meets Luke Skywalker. “More of a conversation, as opposed to a big adventure,” she said.

Ridley admits she still can’t quite process the enormity of her place in the Star Wars universe most days. This past summer she went to the Hollywood Bowl for a special John Williams concert. “They did my theme,” Ridley said ( “Rey’s Theme” from The Force Awakens) “and I couldn’t believe it. It was very overwhelming.”

Throughout the profile with Vogue and the “73 Questions” video,Ridley opens up about her childhood, the pressures of fame, projects outside of Star Wars, and why she would want a droid to make her tea.

Read the full interview here and watch the video above.

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