Filmmaker Jackson Stewart promises return of Barbara Crampton and Jesse Merlin

By Clark Collis
October 10, 2017 at 08:28 PM EDT

Last year’s gore-filled terror tale Beyond the Gates was a hit on the genre festival circuit, which boasted an A-Z of cool indie-horror acting talent, including Barbara Crampton (Re-Animator, You’re Next), who played a spooky VHS board game hostess, and Jesse Merlin (Helen Keller vs. Nightwolves), who played a sinister antiques store owner. Director and co-writer Jackson Stewart has been teasing the possibility of a sequel since before the release of the film, which also stars Chase Williamson, Graham Skipper, and Brea Grant. On the latest edition of cult film podcast Pure Cinema, Stewart let slip a few details about the project, including the involvement of Brian Yuzna, whose credits include producing Re-Animator and directing 1989’s unforgettably bananas (if never more relevant) satire Society.

“There’s a sequel to Beyond the Gates that Brian Yuzna’s producing,” Stewart told hosts Elric Kane and Brian Saur. “Basically, I’d be back directing it, and then Barbara and Jesse would be in it. But it would be a period piece, so there probably wouldn’t be any other carryover from the other cast, other than maybe an end credits tag or something. It should be pretty fun. I’ve been working with Brian pretty closely on the story for that and it’s just been absolutely delightful.”

Watch the trailer for Beyond the Gates, above.