The Fate of the Furious earned more than $1 billion earlier this year, continuing the Fast franchise’s streak of box office success. Universal had scheduled two further Furious films for April 2019 and April 2021, but we’ll now have to wait a little longer for the next ones.

EW has confirmed that the ninth film in the franchise has been delayed a year, with a new release date set for April 10, 2020. That is right in the middle of the presidential primary season, so keep that in mind if/when Dwayne Johnson actually decides to run for political office, America. (Never forget: Terminator 3 came out in theaters a few months before Arnold Schwarzenegger became Governor of California.)

The eighth Fast film’s release was marked by rumors of behind-the-scenes drama among the costars. Then longtime franchise star Michelle Rodriguez threatened to leave the franchise via Instagram. And then eternal optimist Tyrese Gibson also took to Instagram, apparently to kindly request that Johnson not delay Fast 9. (Johnson had long teased the possibility of a spin-off for his character, Hobbs – a project that could theoretically delay a mainline Fast film.)

Plot details about the ninth film have been kept under wraps, and there’s no official word on any franchise spin-offs. The Fate of the Furious was nominally the beginning of a new Fast trilogy, introducing Charlize Theron’s Cipher as an antagonist who could return in a future film. No word yet on what the ninth film is titled, so let’s stop restraining ourselves and just list all the possible titles:

The Facts of the Furious

The Fury of the Fast

Fa9t (but with a cool font where only the part of the “9” that is shaped vaguely like an “S” is illuminated, you can see if you look closely)

The Fall of the Furious

Nine Fast So Furious

The Past of the Furious (origin story)

Final Furious: The Beginning

The Fast and the Furious: Verone’s Vengeance

The Fast and the Furious but with Motorcycles

F9 (2021 Movie)
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