By Marc Snetiker
October 02, 2017 at 10:30 AM EDT
Credit: Andrew Cooper/Disney; Disney

The magnificent power of smartphones to provide on-demand answers to humankind’s most low-stakes questions has thus far proven itself to be exceptionally potent during the autumnal months. While some millennials are intent to leave the house and inject extracts of cinnamon and pumpkins into their veins, others celebrate the arrival of fall by snuggling up under their coziest chunky knit and revisiting the same assortment of crunchy-leaf movies… only to find themselves asking the exact same question each and every year: “Who is that guy in Hocus Pocus?”

Reader, I know you know them to be true: The Google searches that you, I, and anyone else with a smartphone and access to reruns on Freeform are guilty of conducting in the month of October. Always October. Only October.

1. Kimberly J. Brown

Credit: Disney Channel

The numbers don’t lie. The star of 1998’s Halloweentown — who for years has been capitalizing on her brand by selling homemade merchandise with quotes from the movie on Etsy — is the very epitome of the October Google search. To many under 40, Brown is the Jennifer Lawrence of late-‘90s Disney Channel original movies, a relatable character actress with several high-profile starring roles—her work in Halloweentown as a girl who LOVES Halloween is rivaled only by her work in Quints as a girl who HATES being a big sister! But no matter how familiar you are with her resumé, Brown’s annual reappearance on television almost feels like a secret taunt from the gods just daring you to go look up what her Wikipedia possibly has to say.

2. Omri Katz

Credit: Everett Collection

The IMDb page of this Hocus Pocus star/default-settings Sim begins to make itself useful in late September before hitting an inevitable, incredible peak during the week of Halloween, when drunk millennials are screening Hocus Pocus for the sixth time that month and wondering aloud whether Katz ever did anything interesting beyond the 1993 Kathy Najimy vehicle. (He didn’t, unless you count The John Larroquette Show, which you shouldn’t.) Surprisingly, Katz’s Hocus Pocus costars — including Ghost World actress Thora Birch and walking typo Vinessa Shaw — both pull in more robust searches year-round, according to Google trends, but if it’s any consolation, Katz at least shares a search bump with fellow Hocus Pocus name Thackery Binks. Granted, Thackery is not real, but still.

3. Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas

Credit: Everett Collection

You want official proof that The Nightmare Before Christmas is a Halloween movie? Then consider the incontrovertible evidence that folks are more likely to search for Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas on Halloween and decidedly NOT on Christmas. In all likelihood, it’s probably just a high demand for Sally makeup tutorials on YouTube, but the data nevertheless shows that more people care about this colorful claymation Lana Del Rey during the month of October. Jack Skellington fares well in searches both in October and December, but Sally’s spooky traffic specifically during Halloween may conclusively settle a long-simmering debate that’s torn apart many a couch of stoners for five minutes every year.

4. Robert Rusler

Credit: New Line Cinema

Technically this isn’t supported by any statistics, but I’d like to anecdotally submit a subject who certain horror-loving horndogs in my life are always guilty of Googling and subsequently texting me about to share what they’ve found as if I didn’t ask Jeeves about this man the moment I saw him. To some, he is “the shirtless guy from Nightmare on Elm Street 2″; to less-creative birth certificates, he is Robert Rusler, an actor who played the problematically hot jock Ron Grady in the second Freddy Krueger movie, memorably getting sliced up in his bedroom after a brief abdominally-blessed display that turned many a male and female gaze in 1985. And, evidently, the 2010s as well.

5. Raúl Juliá

Credit: Everett Collection

Obviously, The Addams Family fires on virtually all creepy-kooky cylinders during October, but on a microscopic level, the legendary Raúl Juliá — the greatest Gomez Addams we will ever have until Oscar Isaac decides to grow out his mustache — gets a noticeable search bump every year. Juliá attracts more search attention than any other principal cast member from the ’90s Addams catalogue, presumably because there are 25 years’ worth of young viewers who are unfamiliar with the prolific Puerto Rican actor (whose documentary is a must-watch) but still want to know who managed to dip Anjelica Huston so low.

6. HONORABLE MENTION: Christina Ricci

Credit: Universal

Forget what the trends say. If you’re watching Addams Family or Casper every year and you aren’t finding yourself consistently deep into a Sleepy Hollow rabbit hole by night’s end, you don’t even deserve to have Amy Brenneman float down and give you a pep talk about unfinished business.