This is Rocket stripped down

By Nick Romano
September 30, 2017 at 01:59 PM EDT

Meet the new face of your nightmares: Rocket Raccoon.

Bradley Cooper’s foulmouthed gunslinger from Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2, looks damn near terrifying in a new VFX video reel, which breaks down the CGI movie magic used to create the film.

As shown by Framestore, one of the visual effects companies that worked on Guardians, a lot of work went into crafting Rocket — from each strand of fur to the texture of his nose to the very muscles beneath the creature’s skin. In just a few seconds, Framestore reveals what Rocket looks like totally skinless with a little Baby Groot hanging off his shoulders.

It’s not what we would call a family friendly critter.

Guardians writer-director James Gunn posted a screenshot of the skinless Rocket to his Facebook page to highlight “one of the many steps Framestore went through to create a realistic CGI character.”

Cooper may voice Rocket, but Gunn’s brother, Sean Gunn, who also plays the Ravager Kraglin, stands in for the character on set during production. VFX wizards then go in during post-production to bring the Guardian to life.

Since the home release of Vol. 2, new bonus materials have been hitting the web, including the always enjoyable Marvel gag reel and a music video starring David Hasselhoff.

Rocket will return with his fellow Guardians in Avengers: Infinity War, which brings together this intergalactic band of misfits with “Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.” Gunn has plans to continue the Guardians films after the fourth Avengers.

Watch the VFX breakdown reel above.

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