John Carroll Lynch's directorial debut is now in theaters

By Clark Collis
September 29, 2017 at 01:04 PM EDT
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The late Harry Dean Stanton was revered as one of our great supporting actors. But in the just-released Lucky, Stanton is very much the star of the show, whose cast also features Tom Skerritt, David Lynch, Ron Livingston, and Ed Begley Jr., among others.

Lucky is about a man who lives in a small Arizona town,” says the film’s director, John Carroll Lynch. “He has a relationship with the town, he feels like he’s kind of responsible for it in some ways. He walks the streets every day for exercise and is very much a creature of routine, as so many of us are, and the routine is broken by a fall in his kitchen, and a fall at that age can obviously be the end of somebody. In Lucky’s case, that isn’t the case, and in some ways that was kind of worse for him, because he suddenly had to kind of consider that there’s nothing wrong with him, and yet he’s mortal, and you don’t know how much time you have left.”

Lynch admits that promoting the film following the death of Stanton earlier this month has been a surreal experience.

“‘Surreal’ is a good way of putting it,” he says. “I was in Minneapolis, and we had screened the film, and I had gotten some indications that maybe Harry wasn’t going to be with us much longer. I got on a plane from Minneapolis, landed at home in Albany, [I was] driving home to Albany, and I got the call. Logan (Sparks), one of the cowriters [of Lucky] had been with him when he died, and he’d died literally when I was getting off the plane. You’re in this focused mindset to go out and make sure people know about the film, and know how spectacular Harry Dean was in the movie, and how proud I am of the film in general, and suddenly there’s this other thing that goes on. It shouldn’t have been a surprise for me, since he was 91, but he was someone who seemed, as in the film, fragile and vital at the same time. He didn’t seem like he was going anywhere.”

Watch the trailer for Lucky below and an exclusive clip featuring Stanton and Skerritt, above.

Lucky is now playing in cinemas.

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