Owen Wilson and Ed Helms are on a mission in the new Father Figures trailer: find a daddy. Just to be even more clear, their biological daddy.

It’s not Mamma Mia! but something like it. The actors play twins Kyle and Peter Reynolds in the film (which, by the way, was once called Bastards). When they learn their mother (Glenn Close) embraced the free love of the ’70s and doesn’t really know who their real father is, the siblings narrow it down to a few options and set out to find him. Along the way, they learn way too much about their mother’s past antics, including Ving Rhames’ nickname for her.

J.K. Simmons, Christopher Walken, and Terry Bradshaw play potential fathers, while Katt Williams plays a hitchhiker, who promises he’s definitely not a serial killer. The Simpsons voice actor Harry Shearer and June Squibb also feature in Father Figures, directed by first-time helmer Lawrence Sher, the cinematographer of the Hangover movies.

Justin Malen (Office Christmas Party) penned the screenplay, while the film is set for theaters on Dec. 22.

Watch the trailer above.

Father Figures
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