'She's a remarkable person and actress'

By Kara Warner
September 27, 2017 at 03:37 PM EDT
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With the release date for John Wick 3 officially set, now is the time to speculate about what star Keanu Reeves and screenwriter Derek Kolstad, who wrote the first two films and is penning the third, might have planned for the third installment of the popular action franchise.

Because John Wick: Chapter 2 featured the fan-loved Matrix reunion between Reeves and Chapter 2 new addition Laurence Fishburne, why not add another former costar of Reeves’s into the mix? Like his Constantine foe and real-life pal Tilda Swinton for example?

The actor, 53, told PEOPLE he 100 percent supports that idea.

“You know, I had the chance to work with her – I was in two films with her [Constantine and Thumbsucker, both released in 2005] but had the chance to work with her once — I’m onboard with that,” he said. “We run into each other once in a while socially out there in the world. She’s a remarkable person and actress, so I’m all aboard with that!”

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While we haven’t yet had the opportunity to ask Swinton, 56, specifically about John Wick 3, she did mention a desire to cross paths with Reeves again, when promoting her performance in 2013’s Snowpiercer.

“Where is Mr. Keanu Reeves, by the way?” she said in mock frustration. “I would like to see him!”

Do you hear that, moviemaking Gods?

Scheduled for release on May 17, 2019, fans can expect John Wick 3 to pick up where Chapter 2 left off — with Reeve’s effortlessly cool, famously skilled assassin John Wick fighting off countless bad guys to stay alive.

Let’s hope there’s a place for Swinton in it!

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