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It is well known that New Line Cinema was the company responsible for bringing us both the A Nightmare on Elm Street franchise and Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings trilogy. But New Line founder Bob Shaye reveals that the two series had a very personal connection on the latest, just released, episode of filmmaker Mick Garris’ Post Mortem podcast.

“I knew Peter, because he had written one of the sequels to Nightmare on Elm Street, one that we didn’t use,” Shaye recalls. “It was not a particularly good script. Mark Odesky (New Line executive) came into my office and said, ‘Look, Peter is coming in, he’d like to show us the pitch [for Lord of the Rings]. Would you be interested in seeing it?’ So, partly as a courtesy, and partly out of curiosity, I said, ‘Okay, I will, but it’s not happening.’ I went in, and I saw the thing, and it was really terrific. He had done a short video piece with Ian McKellen and it was very impressive. There’s lots of stories that come after that, but that was the genesis.”

Lord of the Rings
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