Mike Flanagan thinks you should take a look at 'They Look Like People'

Anyone with a desire to watch a Mike Flanagan-directed horror movie over Halloween this year will be spoilt for choice, given the filmmaker’s recent output includes 2013’s haunted mirror tale Oculus, 2016’s home invasion thriller Hush, the same year’s sequel Ouija: Origin of Evil, and, now, his adaptation of Stephen King’s novel Gerald’s Game, which premieres Sept. 29 on Netflix.

But, Flanagan’s own oeuvre aside, what terror tale does the filmmaker recommend readers put on before they reach for that pumpkin-peeler?

“I’ll tell you, one movie that’s really impressed me, and stuck with me over the last few years is actually a really small, independent film called They Look Like People,” says Flangan. “[It] is one of the best examples of a DIY, psychological horror story that I’ve ever seen. Every time I watch that film, I’d amazed at what they were able to accomplish with essentially no money at all. That one I’m always thrilled to recommend to people. It’s more of a look at mental illness than anything else, but it does have this kind of Lovecraftian undercurrent to it that you definitely see bubbling up there.”

You can watch a teaser for They Look Like People below and the trailer for Gerald’s Game, above.

They Look Like People is available to watch on the horror- and thriller-streaming service Shudder.