By Kevin P. Sullivan
September 22, 2017 at 08:00 AM EDT

Colin Firth had to come back, right?

The question of whether Harry Hart a.k.a. “Galahad” aka “the main reason Kingsman: The Secret Service ruled in the first place” would return didn’t last long. Almost as soon as director Matthew Vaughn has confirmed a sequel to 2014’s insane spy movie riff, there was talk about how Firth could reappear despite his character’s mid-movie demise.

Last year, a poster not-so-subtly suggested that Harry would be back and that maybe he didn’t die outside the church in Kentucky at the hands of Samuel L. Jackson’s Richmond Valentine afterall. “Reports of my death have been greatly, exaggerated,” the poster reads, quoting Mark Twain.

So with Kingsman: The Golden Circle in theaters now, how does Harry make his death-defying return?

Don’t continue reading unless you want the beginning of the new film spoiled.

All good?

That wasn’t a false alarm in The Secret Service. Valentine actually did shoot Harry in the head. What we didn’t see, however, is the Statesmen — Kingsmen’s American counterparts — swooping in to save the day.

Alerted by the killer frequency from Valentine’s phones, the Statesmen dispatch members to the church, which isn’t far from their Kentucky-based distillery HQ. It’s there that they find Harry with a gunshot wound to the head.

Thanks to some techno mumbo-jumbo about a healing gel headwrap with nano-bots, the Statesmen are able to freeze the damage to Harry’s brain before the bullet can kill him. There is a minor side effect, however — temporary amnesia.

But, you know, not too bad considering.

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