John Carroll Lynch pays tribute to late actor

By Clark Collis
September 22, 2017 at 03:30 PM EDT

What made the late Harry Dean Stanton such a compelling screen presence? One man better placed to answer that question than most is actor-turned-filmmaker John Carroll Lynch, who directed Stanton in the new drama, Lucky (out Sept. 29).

“He was digging passed ‘doing’ to ‘being,'” Lynch told your writer earlier today, in an interview for EW Radio’s Entertainment Weirdly show. “I mean, that’s what I came up with the other day, about what he was really after, in all circumstances. I saw an image of it over the weekend, because they were showing a bunch of images from various movies, it was when he comes face to face with the xenomorph in [Alien]. The choice he made, and the choice that Ridley Scott went with, was so quiet and so not scared in a way, which made it all the more disturbing to me, as an audience member…I know this is going to sound pejorative — but it’s not intended to be — you know they say you shouldn’t work with children or dogs, because they make you look false? Harry was like that. He would make everybody look false. I mean, he would just be so purely real….There is something quintessentially human about every single character he ever portrayed and I think that’s what made him so powerful as an actor and also able to fit in to anything — any genre, any scene.”

Lucky costars David Lynch Ron Livingston, Ed Begley Jr., and Tom Skerritt, among others.

You can hear the full interview with Lynch on Entertainment Weirdly, EW Radio, Sirius XM, at 1 p.m. ET on Sept. 25.

Lucky will receive a red carpet premiere with Lynch in attendance on Sept. 28 in Lexington, Kentucky, as part of the annual Harry Dean Stanton Fest.

Watch the trailer for Lucky, above.