A new Twitter account has the creepy clown from 'It' grooving to a wild mix of songs

By Derek Lawrence
September 21, 2017 at 07:51 PM EDT
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A new Twitter account is tapping into Pennywise’s “it” factor.

The demonic creature lives up to his full billing thanks to @Pennywise_Dance. On the parody account, the title character of Stephen King’s horror novel It, who’s also known as Pennywise the Dancing Clown, shows just how he got the moniker.

In director Andy Muschetti’s hit film adaptation, Pennywise (played by Bill Skarsgard) does a creepy song-and-dance routine for young heroine Beverly (Sophia Lillis), and like all things, the internet has taken it and run with it. As a result, Pennywise can be seen dancing to a myriad of songs, ranging from Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off” to “The Macarena.”

Perhaps the best video comes from the account pandering directly to King, who months ago jokingly tweeted that “Mambo No. 5” would be the song he’d listen to for the rest of his life if there could only be one. Now he can watch his creation groove to the classic Lou Bega track.

See Pennywise bust a move below.

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