Conquer your fears by eating them

With an illusion cake that would win anyone Star Baker on Great British Bake Off, oneYoutuber took a perfectly good red velvet and made it scary as hell.

The new It film has inspired another round of Clown Hysteria, and now it’s also brought forth a scarily realistic cake of Pennywise, the evil demon that lures children to their deaths. JK Denim runs Koalipops, a baking and crafting Youtube channel, and has also made other pop culture cakes like a Snorlax Pokemon, and every Disney Princess you can think of. In this video, he carves out the clown’s head shape out of the cake, covers it in fondant, and paints on Pennywise’s signature clown makeup. Then he ups the ante with some red food coloring (for blood) dripping down from the cake’s mouth. Terrifying, but somehow, we’re hungry.

Watch the video above to find out what it looks like when Denim cuts into his creation.

It (2017)
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