Is this the next Tulip Fever? On Tuesday, Lionsgate released the trailer for Cook-Off!, a zany comedy starring Melissa McCarthy that was originally made a decade ago. After premiering at the US Comedy Arts Festival in Aspen, Colorado back in 2007, Cook-Off! was shelved for years, but has now been picked up and reportedly re-edited by Lionsgate.

The film stars McCarthy (back in her pre-Bridesmaids breakout days) as one of several ordinary people selected to compete in a cooking competition. Tasked with making a vegetable-based dish, she goes for sweet potato — and immediately drowns it in marshmallows and chocolate. Other contestants include Niecy Nash as the accurately-named Ladybug Briggs and Diedrich Bader as Del Crawford. Shot in a mockumentary style, the film interviews each of the contestants about their motivations and preferred dishes. McCarthy’s husband and collaborator, Ben Falcone, is also in the cast.

Check out the long-awaited trailer above.