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Thor: Ragnarok is going totally ’80s.

The first few trailers for the upcoming Marvelthreequel already had a throwback vibe, with their bright colors, synth-heavy music, and generally trippy cosmic atmosphere. (Director Taika Waititi has also said Flash Gordon was a major inspiration.) Now, Nerdist has ratcheted up the ’80s nostalgia even more, cutting together a delightfully cheesy trailer complete with campy special effects and VHS static.

Thor isn’t the first film, of course, to get the ’80s trailer treatment (see Blade Runner 2049,Star Wars: The Last Jedi), but this might be one of the best — especially with all the scenes replacing Mark Ruffalo’s Hulk with Lou Ferrigno.

Waititi even tweeted his stamp of approval:

The actual 2017 version of Thor: Ragnarok will hit theaters Nov. 3. The ’80s version is presumably somewhere in the collection of VHS tapes you keep in your basement.

Thor: Ragnarok
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